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What is Adobe Photoshop for?

Thảo luận trong 'Phần Mềm PC - Laptop' bắt đầu bởi alexsnowy, 24/8/23.

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    Photoshop is one of the basic programs that any designer should know, regardless of specialization. It is mainly used to work with raster images , that is, those that consist of many dots - pixels. For creating and editing vector graphics , Adobe has a more suitable program - Illustrator. You can find more at https://education-wiki.com/.
    • Photo processing. From this feature of the Photoshop program comes the colloquial word "photoshop", that is, to remove the imperfections of the image, to improve it. Photographers actively use Photoshop to correct colors, perspective, light, exposure, imperfections in the appearance of models, etc.
    • Photomontage and collage. This is a more complex stage of processing, when a single composition is created from several photos or drawings.
    • Raster illustration. The program is suitable for digital drawing using a tablet. To do this, in addition to the tools for working with color, there is a set of brushes, the possibility of their individual settings is provided.
    • Web design. In the program, you can create advertising creatives, banners for websites, layouts of resources and applications, as well as make up websites. However, in recent years, designers have increasingly chosen Figma or Sketch for these purposes, as they are better adapted to work with large files and have more convenient tools for the web.
    • Animation. In the program, you can create simple videos in which objects appear, disappear and move. However, for more complex animation, Adobe After Effects is used.

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