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    2/2/00 (Tuổi: 24)
    Worldwide of construction and also flooring, Egaline has come to be a very sought-after product for attaining completely degree and even floorings. Egaline, also called leveling substance, is a functional solution utilized to degree unequal surfaces, whether it's for a brand-new floor setup or restoring an existing one. Comprised of a mixture of concrete and artificial material, and periodically plaster as well as artificial material, Egaline offers remarkable effectiveness, making it the best selection for different floor covering jobs.


    Comprehending the Variables Influencing Egaline Drying Time

    The drying time of Egaline is affected by a number of essential elements that require cautious factor to consider throughout the flooring process. The essential variables include the density of the leveling compound, space temperature, moisture degrees, and also the kind of leveling material utilized. Each of these variables plays a pivotal function in establishing how long it considers the Egaline to dry and remedy efficiently.

    Thickness of Egaline Layer

    The density of the applied egaline layer significantly influences the drying time. Thicker layers of leveling compound usually require more time to completely dry compared to thinner applications. Complying with the manufacturer's standards for the suggested application density is vital to guarantee appropriate drying as well as treating.

    Area Temperature and also Moisture

    The ambient space temperature level as well as moisture degrees are crucial factors influencing the drying out process of Egaline. Greater area temperatures and reduced humidity degrees advertise much faster drying out, while lower temperatures and also higher moisture might prolong the drying time. Appropriate ventilation can help in assisting in the drying out procedure, especially in encased rooms.

    A Prompt Review of Egaline Drying

    Typically, Egaline is dry enough for light foot website traffic after approximately 4 hrs from the time of application. Nonetheless, it is important to exercise care during this first drying out period to stay clear of any type of damages to the freshly used leveling compound.

    Full Drying and also Treating Time


    For total drying out as well as healing, Egaline typically takes between 12 to two days. The exact duration is affected by the previously mentioned factors, including thickness, area temperature level, humidity, and also the particular type of Egaline utilized. Allowing sufficient drying out and also curing time makes sure the security and also long life of the material.

    The Benefits and Convenience of Egaline in Flooring Projects

    Egaline offers countless advantages that make it a preferred choice for floor leveling jobs. Its self-leveling homes develop a smooth as well as even surface, eliminating the demand for comprehensive hand-operated leveling. In addition, Egaline offers a secure foundation for various floor covering materials, making certain sturdiness and longevity.

    Convenience in Floor Covering Applications

    The convenience of Egaline makes it appropriate for a wide variety of flooring tasks. Whether it's property renovations, commercial spaces, or commercial setups, Egaline can be applied to attain degree and also remarkable floorings in varied environments.

    Effectiveness in Floor Preparation

    Egaline enhances the floor preparation process, conserving time and effort. By supplying a constant as well as level base for different floor coverings, Egaline reduces the risk of unevenness or blemishes, ensuring an effective and cosmetically pleasing flooring result.



    Egaline, the leveling compound, has transformed the procedure of achieving completely degree and even floorings in building and flooring tasks. Its composition of concrete and artificial resin, incorporated with self-leveling capabilities, makes it a vital product for creating smooth as well as flawless surfaces. The drying out time of Egaline is affected by several vital elements, consisting of density, space temperature level, moisture, as well as the sort of leveling product utilized. Correct consideration of these elements and also adherence to producer standards are essential to guarantee effective drying and curing. With Egaline, flooring leveling ends up being a seamless as well as effective process, giving stable foundations for numerous flooring materials in property, business, as well as commercial applications. Whether it's a house restoration, a business room, or a commercial center, Egaline verifies to be the best service for attaining perfectly degree and also cosmetically pleasing floorings.

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