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How to choose the best smart phone

Thảo luận trong 'Mẹo Điện Thoại - Ipad - IOS - Android' bắt đầu bởi alexsnowy, 9/10/23.

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    Choose an operating system, not a brand.

    The functionality of smartphones is determined by the operating system. Today there are a large number of operating systems, but the undisputed leaders among them are the following - Windows Phone, iOS and Android. It is among these three operating systems that you should choose. You can compare gadgets at https://devicelist.best/en/.

    The most popular OS is still Android . The advantage of this system is high-quality software support. Google's store offers Android users a huge number of applications and programs, most of which are completely free. Another advantage is that almost all modern smartphones run on this operating system, so Android fans are faced with a huge number of available phone models, of various brands and characteristics.

    The next most popular operating system is iOS . If you want to purchase a phone on this platform, your choice will be limited to iPhone. But this is not a problem, since the functionality of this OS is amazing in its power. The gadget will surprise you with fast, reliable and stable operation. In addition, the AppStore offers its users even more different useful applications than Google Play.

    Windows Phone is a less popular operating system than the previous two. The choice of mobile devices with this system is still small, and there are significantly fewer applications for this platform. A significant advantage of this OS is the presence of the Microsoft Office suite. Thus, a good smartphone with this platform will allow you to do the same work as on a computer.

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