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UX/UI design in applications

Thảo luận trong 'Linh Tinh' bắt đầu bởi alexsnowy, 4/12/23.

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    The benefits of UX/UI design are obvious, so almost all professional studios, such as varti-studio.com or individual developers, necessarily include this stage of development in their work. Specialists study competitive applications, learn about user experience, collect statistical data and conduct analysis, develop wireframes and create application prototypes to better visualize the interface. It is important to understand how the user will behave, predict his actions and make the path from a person’s desire to its implementation in the program itself as simple and fast as possible. Properly created route maps across viewports help create an application that is truly convenient for the target audience, and helps developers avoid all sorts of adjustments or edits in the future.

    A well-developed UX/UI design and created service prototypes help to structure the entire project and understand in advance how convenient, and therefore successful, the resulting product will be. This allows you to identify weaknesses at the initial stages and promptly correct them, make adjustments and improve the program. This can be done much faster and easier in the first stages of work rather than when the application is actually ready.

    Therefore, creating a UX/UI design also significantly reduces the overall product development time and eliminates the possibility of increasing the cost of implementing the entire project.

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